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Damselflies and Dragonflies... Do you admire them for their flying acrobats, the interesting behaviours they exhibit, or the simple grace and beauty they add to the garden or pond?
When I began observing my damsels and dragons, I had developed a need to know more. I purchased my 'guide book' from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Dragonflies and Damselflies of Northeast -written by Larry Rosche, Judy Semroc, and Linda Gilbert.

Aside from his Odonata expertise, Larry Rosche is a bird enthusiast and a list of accomplishments to his name. That being said...I'd like to thank Larry for graciously taking time out of his busy schedule and answering I.D.questions on my previous Darner posts.

If you'd enjoy learning more of the Odonata world, may I suggest that you pick up a copy of Dragonflies and Damselflies of Northeast Ohio. The book is packed with wonderful photography, and is full of fascinating details of these interesting little creatures.

Thanks to everyone involved in compiling this great read...I've learned so much due to the dedication of all the contributors.

Proceeds from the book benefit the Natural Areas Division of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. If this post is viewed by anyone mentioned above...I sincerely hope my information is accurate. A couple of quick notes...the images shown here and in my blog are strictly my own. For expert photography...get the book! This post was written by myself with no knowledge of anyone who wrote, photographed, contributed or published the above mentioned book. Just thought my viewers might enjoy a good read on the world of Odonates.

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