Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DARNERS...1 Black-Tipped Darner

Female Black-Tipped Darner ovipositing in cattails growing in the shallow end of the pond.

Many thanks to Larry for providing this corrected I.D.!

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Gallicissa said...

Sweet lighting on the first one, Kim. Natural light photography of dragonflies as opposed to flash photography is something that I am now trying to do more often. Picking the hottest times of the day helps. How about you?

spookydragonfly said...

Hi Amila...Thank you, I always photograph in natural light, perhaps my images would've improved had I used a flash. I agree that the most opportune time for quantity of dragons is mid-day. Of course, I do prefer a slightly overcast day, to avoid the harshness and glare of the bright sun.

In answer to your question on my previous post which I neglected to respond...I do have some Meadowhawks and Darners out. This week the temps. are droppping extremely low, with freezing rain. It'll be interesting to see who is still around next week.