Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Common Green Darner-female
Shadow Darner-female
Green-Striped Darner-female
Black-tipped Darner-female

Posted by Picasa Thank you Larry for the I.D.s provided!


Gallicissa said...

What a lot Darners all of a Sudden, Kim! Seems like a Darner irruption! I like the first shots showing flowers and Darners, very pretty.

Do you still have dragons flying around?

spookydragonfly said...

Hi Amila...Tis' the season for the darners! On this day, when I came home from town, I witnessed at least 20 Darners hovering around one area. Others were flying over and around the pond, I was amazed. More thrilling...I walked into the area, the various darners remained and flew about me, some directly in front of my face. I could see their basket formation as they caught their prey mid-air. This was on a clear day after two days of rain, they were all out and hungry! I had a darner land on my back shoulder briefly. I tried to look back slowly and not have my longer hair move much so I could I.D. I couldn't tell which darner it was from the angle and brief time allowed. It was time to go in and grab my camera!