Sunday, September 27, 2009


This I.D. is with much hesitation as I find the identification process with some of the dragons very difficult. If someone finds my I.D. incorrect, correction is definately welcome! Here is a female ovipositing her eggs along a mucky edge of the pond. I was so focused on the dragonfly, I didn't see the water spider next to her (third image down). She had no problems as I placed my camera right next to her, even allowing me to move a leaf that was directly under her wings.

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Life in Egypt said...

great photos/ you have more color variety then here in Luxor Egypt
managed to get one of the damsels that use the flotsam on the Nile.
but they are so small and hard to see with the naked eye,

spookydragonfly said...

Hello Life in Egypt... I'd say the most colorful dragons here in my woods are the Ruby Meadowhawks which are bright red. The damsels can be tough to spot, in addition, they are very difficult to accurately I.D. I'm having a hard enough time identifying some of my larger dragons! Regardless, I love watching them. Thank you for stopping by and your comments! I will try to visit you soon, I have difficulty visiting some blogs due to my connection.

Gallicissa said...

Very pretty again, Kim.
I should copy you and add more reeding edges to my pond. At the moment it is crying for emerging vegetation. But I have plenty of sticks, but they simply won't fulfill what the reeds do. Agree?

spookydragonfly said...

Hello Amila...Agree, I did a simple 'experiment' this spring. I took various sturdy twigs and securely placed them around the ponds' edge. Not one produced a clinging nymph. However, the mature dragons would perch on them at times. The nymphs preferred the natural vegetation around the pond. Cattails and dragonflies go hand in hand, although we have to maintain their invasive habit. The vegetation also adds a little more(very little) cover from those demon Red-Winged Blackbirds! They literally devoured so many dragons this year...right in front of my eyes...the nerve of them?!