Monday, June 8, 2009


Male Violet Dancer...the smallest of our dancers.
On Memorial weekend, my husband and son constructed a simple tree swing that takes you over the little "lagoon" area of our pond. The ropes are attached 20 feet up to the sturdiest branches. I'm between 5'-2" -5'-3" in height... this couple almost landed on me, but instead choose the rope a few feet above my head.

Mating Bluets

Male Fragile Forktail showing the upside-down exclamation mark dorsal thoracic stripes.

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Gallicissa said...

Hi Kim,
The Violet Dancer and Fragile Forktail are my favourites. Some of the damselflies here are so difficult to narrow down to species level by just looking at photographs. It helps when there are clear cut diagnostics like the upside down exclaimation mark of F.Forktail.

Athesdan said...

very great shot !

spookydragonfly said...

Hi Amila...I agree, that's why I decided not to beat myself up over I.D. I will never get an accurate species count of the damsels for sure. Sad, sad year for the dragons with these blackbirds this year.

Hello Athesdan...Thank you and thanks for stopping by. I will repay the visit!

Pseudothemis zonata said...

I watched purple damselfly for the first time.
I was surprised.
The world is filled with mysteries.

spookydragonfly said...

Hello Pseudothemis...The Violet Dancer is one of my favorite damsels. The Ebony Jewelwing is tops, though!