Friday, October 3, 2008


The first two photos are just a couple more close-ups of an Eastern Pondhawk. The third photo at first glance I thought was maybe a young adult female Blue Dasher...but on close inspection...I 'm thinking this may be an Elfin Skimmer...due to the horizontal stripes. The Elfin Skimmer is endangered. Of course, I don't have an extremely sharp photo, the more I look at this ...the more confused I am. I make this observation as a very new amatuer and am anxious to hear from an expert on this I.D.....Tom...where are you? The last dragon shown is a mystery to me...this photo was taken within the last week. When this one was spotted, it appeared more brownish in person. I have my guess on this one, too, but hestitate to make one more guess!

***POST EDIT...after Toms' kind input..I retitled this post...the third photo down is NOT an Elfin is a young adult female dasher.***

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Please visit the comments on post dated Friday- Oct. 3 for a discussion on this posts' I.D.