Monday, September 15, 2008


The first three photos were taken within a few days of eachother a few weeks ago...The last photo was taken this past weekend. Are they all the same...can anyone tell me? Usually these dragons come out late afternoon to evening to check me out and then swoop down a few times and are back up in the tree tops...quite large in size. In the last photo, I had just finished taking waterlily photos, and was reviewing them in my camera. This dragon came down low between me and the waterlillies, raised up about 2 feet was within one foot of me ...just watching. I switched my camera over and tilted it ...and shot....hoping to catch it in photo! (wasn't even sure if the camera was aiming at it)...well, I got lucky. What surprised me was that it was raining lightly, breezy and pretty dark out.

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Gallicissa said...

Just stumbled your blog through Ecobirder's. It is nice to see a blog that is dedicated to dragons.

Nice to flight shots. I have not tried to capture them in flight that much.

I have a copy of "Dragonflies through Binoculars" with me and I will enjoy coming over here.

As for this species that you have sought help, I am not sure. May be a local naturalist may be able to help.